Walk-In   RM50
4-Class Pack 1 Month RM140
8-Class Pack 2 Months RM260
16-Class Pack 3 Months RM480
1 Month Unlimited Pass 1 Month RM380
2 Months Unlimited Pass 2 Months RM660
64-Class Pack 1 Year RM1,760

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These classes are designed for students who are interested in the traditional approach to Yoga. The students are taken through a progressive series of asanas (postures) that systematically improves flexibility and strength, while relieving chronic muscular tension due to stress. A portion of every class is dedicated to guiding the students through special breathing techniques that correct irregular breathing habits and rejuvenate the body and mind. Each class ends with ten minutes of guided relaxation to bring the mind to a calm and tranquil state. The practices can be adapted to meet the physical needs of each student.


Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic method of Yoga which is a modified form of Ashtanga Vinyasa. Like Ashtanga, it is a physically challenging method of Yoga which is somewhat different to the more static styles, such as Hatha and the Iyengar Method. The constant movement and pace means you build up a sweat and get a detoxifying, cardiovascular workout. The dynamic nature of the practice helps with cardiovascular training and endurance. It also helps tone the muscles without getting bulky. Students are still taught to be technically proficient in the poses, without sacrificing pace and flow.


Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic method of yoga that is characterized by its flowing sequence and four core techniques. The result is a cleansing and purifying effect on the body and mind.
The four core techniques — flowing connecting postures, specialized breathing, muscle locks and gazing points — are what make Ashtanga Vinyasa unique. When applied during the practice these techniques produce an intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs and calms the mind.

The four core techniques:
Vinyasa - “Get into the Flow”
The Ashtanga Vinyasa method revolves around the artful and dynamic vinyasa, a unique series of movements that link one posture to the next in a graceful flow. Each movement is synchronized with the breath.
The primary benefit of the vinyasa is that it warms the muscles and joints, allowing them to move more freely. The blood is warmed and this produces a purifying sweat. The sweat generated then carries impurities out of the body. Physically, the body becomes healthy, light and strong.

Ujjayi Breathing – “The Hissing Breath”
Ujjayi is a specialized breathing technique that helps the practitioner breathe smoothly and rhythmically while performing the postures in the sequence. This enhances one’s endurance by allowing more oxygen to enter the lungs and penetrate into the blood. It also assists in generating heat in the body. When combined with the other techniques, it has a detoxifying effect.
The soft and steady sound of the breath also pulls the mind inward and keeps the practitioner focused. One can imagine the soft hissing sound as wind in the trees or the surf of the ocean.

Bandhas – “Muscle Locks”
The bandhas are internal muscle locks that regulate and direct the flow of energy. The physiological benefits are increased physical strength, improved muscular control and support to the spine. Fully engaging the bandhas during practice can instantly make you feel lighter and stronger, even making challenging postures seem manageable.

Drishti – “Gazing Point”
This refers to the direction you look while performing a posture. This helps keep the mind focused and concentrated during the practice. It also aids in keeping you steady in balancing postures.