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Yoga Dynamics is a multi-styled professional Yoga training center. We are dedicated to offering high-quality and non-commercial classes to the general public. Our Yoga programs are the outcome of more than 16 years of intensive training and teaching in Yoga and other related disciplines.

Our students enjoy personal attention from some of the most qualified teachers in Malaysia. We are known for our systematic and progressive approach to teaching Yoga. Our students are trained with the enthusiasm and professionalism they deserve.

Our instructors are able to convey the anatomical and physiological relevance of the techniques, and are equally adept at explaining the theory and philosophy of Yoga, in accordance with the tradition.

Richard is a certified Yoga instructor and has spent more than a decade training in and teaching various aspects of Yoga.

He offers training in the traditional Hatha style, the dynamic Vinyasa Flow style, as well as in the Iyengar Method of Yoga. Born and raised in upstate New York, he’s been living in Asia for the last eight years studying eastern philosophy and teaching Yoga.